OIPR Delagation in Serbia

We want to share the news that from 2023 the International Organization of Psychomotricity and Relaxation has a Delegation in the Republic of Serbia.

Based on the pioneering work of child psychiatrist Prof. Dr Svetomir Bojanin in the field of Psychomotor Reeducation, in the area of the former Yugoslavia, Family Care Belgrade (Pomoć porodici, Beograd) has been profiled as an institution in Serbia and the region that conducts training „Psychomotor Reeducation“, has exceptional practice of psychomotor reeducation therapy and its working on the development of a method of Psychomotor Reeducation and Relaxation.

The delegate of the Republic of Serbia to the OIPR is Dr Stevan Nestorov, Psychomotor Therapist Expert, Vice President of NGO Family Care, and his deputy is Dr Violeta Nestorov Psychomotor Therapist Expert, President of Center for Speech Therapy and Early Intervention Dr Nestorov.