International Conference in Belgrade, 3rd February 2024

Psychomotor Reeducation – New perspectives

The congress dedicated to the Psychomotor Reeducation is one of the most significant professional events that have taken place in the region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina…) in recent decades in the field of movement therapy.

The International Congress dedicated to the Psychomotor Reeducation will be held on Saturday, February 3, 2024 in Belgrade- Serbia.

The congress is organized in partnership with:

Higher Institute for Psychomotor Reeducation (ISRP),

International Organization of Psychomotricity and Relaxation (OIPR),

with partners

Organization Family Care Belgrade (Pomoć porodici Beograd), which conducts training for psychomotor therapy specialists in the region

and Center for Speech and Language Pathology and Early Intervention dr Nestorov (Centar za logopediju i ranu intervenciju dr Nestorov)

OIPR member- Family Care Beograd

Family Care Belgrade (Pomoć porodici Beograd) is an organization founded in 1993 and registered for the activity of education. We implement continuous professional development programs. Our educational programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Protection. Apart from Serbia, we conduct training “Reedukacija psihomotorike” ( „Psychomotor Reeducation “) in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, participants from Montenegro, Slovenia, and North Macedonia come to our training in Belgrade. Generaly, the field of our work is speech therapy, psychomotor therapy and support for children with disharmonious development. We became a member of OIPR in 2023. One of the founders of our organization is the child psychiatrist Prof. Dr Svetomir Bojanin, who helped us to develop educational programs and to establish the clinical practice that we carry out through the Center for Speech and Language Pathology and Early Intervention dr Nestorov.

The project is implemented by the NGO “Family Care Belgrade”, Center for Speech Therapy and Early Intervention Dr Nestorov in partnership with the ISRP- Institut Supérieur de Rééducation Psychomotrice in Paris and the OIPR – Organisation Internationale de Psychomotricité et de Relaxation.

Prof. Dr. Svetomir Bojanin
The most famous child psychiatrist in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, Prof. Dr Svetomir Bojanin, born in 1932, in the sixties of the last century, was on specialization at the Henri Roussel Hospital – Sainte-Anne in Paris, in the department of child psychiatry of Professor Julian de Ajuriaguerra, an innovative and open-minded child psychiatrist. When he returned from his specialization in Paris, he devoted his entire career to the development of psychomotor re-education in Belgrade. While staying in Paris, he met all the great experts in the field of neuropsychology. He also met Mrs. Giselle Soubiran, who developed the concept of psychomotor therapy in France, which is based on connecting mind and body.   
On the basis of this history and on the initiative of Prof. Dr Svetomir Bojanin, together with psychomotor therapists  Dr Nestorov Stevan and Dr Nestorov Violeta, we established a partnership with ISRP and became members of OIPR in 2023.