Verona (Italy), 27-29 June 2024

Psychomotricity in the face of social changes


 Vision and the representation of the body as body schema are two important functions, however based on neuropsychological processes. On the contrary, the look and the body image, although based on the same neuropsychological processes, are at the same time also based on psychological and psychodynamic mechanisms.

In this sense, look and body image constitute two psychomotor functions par excellence in which sensorial-perceptive, cognitive, symbolic, communicative and affective-relational processes are integrated, a synthesis between objective and subjective data.

What are look and body image and what relationship is there between them? What is their role in the constitution of the attachment bond and autonomy, personality, psychomotor harmony and social life? What are the pathologies, classic and new psychomotor, connected to these two vital functions for individual and social well-being?

The seminar will take place around these questions, in theory and in practice, in order to better identify, in a constantly changing society, preventive, educational and management interventions by various professionals, in particular the psychomotor therapist .


– Common elements and differences between vision and look, between body schema and body image.

– Neuropsychological and psychodynamic developmental aspects.

– Lookand body image between experience and culture.

– Role of emotions and relationships.

– Look and body image as indicators of the identification-separation process.

– Social identity between subjectivity and intersubjectivity.

– The body, objects and language as mediators in the multiplicity of relationships.

– Advantages and risks of new technologies.

– The psychomotor evaluation between vision and gaze, body schema and self-image.

– The tonic-emotional, cognitive and affective empathy of movement.

– Vision, body schema and spatial disturbances; look, body image and time disturbances.

– variability and mutability of psychomotor disorders.

– A professional perspective of prevention and help to the person, to the institutions, to the society in progress.

– Body image and professional image.

Costs: by 02.28.2024: 190.00 (VAT included)

           By 31.05. 2024 : 230.00 (VAT included)

          From 1.6.2024: 300.00 (VAT included)

Languages: Italian, English (consecutive translation).