The international congress ” Psychomotor Reeducation – New perspectives”

Belgrade Congress, February 3, 2024

The international congress ” Psychomotor Reeducation – New perspectives” (Reedukacija psihomotorike- Nove perspective) was successfully held in Belgrade. The full conference hall is proof of how important this event was for the entire region. Most of the participants were from Serbia, but there were also participants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia.
This Congress is one of the most significant professional events that took place in the region in the field of psychomotor reeducation, treatment of disharmonious development and deviations in the psychomotor development of children. The program was implemented by the world’s greatest experts in psychomotor re-education from Paris, and thanks to that, new perspectives are really opening up.
The Congress was realized in partnership by : Family Care Organization, Institute for Psychomotor Reeducation (ISRP, Paris), World Organization for Psychomotricity and Relaxation (OIPR) and the Center for Speech Therapy and Early Intervention Dr Nestorov.
In the introductory part of the Congress, the practice of psychomotor reeducation in Serbia was presented by Dr Stevan Nestorov and Dr Violeta Nestorov, psychomotor therapists who represent organizations in Serbia that train psychomotor therapist and apply the method in working with children. Associates of the Center Dr Nestorov, also spoke: child psychiatrist, Dr Duško Stupar, and Prof.dr Nenad Glumbić, an autism expert.
Prof. Dr Svetomir Bojanin, who unfortunately died on January 9, 2024, at the age of 93, spoke at the opening of the congress via video recording. In 1966, Professor Bojanin stayed in Paris for a specialization at the Henri Russel Hospital, where he met Madame Soubiran and psychomotor therapy.
We are grateful to everyone who attended the conference and who will help to spread the seeds of psychomotor reeducation in the region! Thank you to our respected lecturers from Serbia and France for their world-class presentations!